How much money can I make with Vending Machines?

The number one question faced when looking at investing in the vending industry is “how much money can I make?”

The plain and simple answer to this age-old question is “the sky is the limit”. Vending is one of the few markets left where an operator can start with a very small investment, generate a steady cash flow, compete with the big boys, and expand beyond anything he or she could originally imagine. I did it myself starting in 1997 fresh out of University, with a route consisting of 2 locations and 5 machines. Within a period of 10 years I was able to gain 65 locations, 265 machines, 5 employees, and success!!!!!!
Successful vending operators can gross hundreds of millions of dollars per year, but so can other types of businesspeople. Your level of success will really depends on your drive, your business skill, your ability to generate customers, as well as other important abilities. Customer Service is the key to success and is what separates you from the competition.

Creating a vending business off that gets off the ground is the hard work. Once you lay the groundwork, the machines will start making money for you, but in these initial stages, your growing company will require everything you’ve got. Don’t expect to just dance around, casually filling machines and become wealthy overnight. This business will become very addictive as you see the success and money come in from your hard work and perseverance.

It is crucial that you establish goals for yourself and your business venture such as “This year I am going to secure 5 new locations, place 9 new machines, and manage my existing routes. My prices will be $A for chips and snacks, $B for candy and other options, and $C for bottled drinks and $C-.25 for canned drinks. I am going to service my machines 3 times a week and spend an hour and a half at each machine. I need to sell X amount from each machine to break even. If I sell out the products in my machine, I will generate Y revenue.”
You are the destiny for your company. Set goals, manage your growth, and over service your customers and you cannot lose!!!

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